"Fascinating talk on ‘The Body Beautiful’ by Meridith Towne. I learnt so much about what went under the clothes and how they moved. Excellent Speaker."

The Body Beautiful , Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry, 16th April 2015

A huge thanks from Ripon Women's Luncheon club for a MOST enjoyable afternoon with you. We all thoroughly enjoyed your talk and particularly the ladies at the back of the room appreciated the fact that they "could hear every word, and she was just a slip of a young thing"!!. It was good to meet your glamorous assistant, hoping you'll come back another time, thanks to you both.

Confessions of an Edwardian Shopoholic , Ripon Ladies Luncheon Club, 5th November 2014

Thank you, Meridith for your effervescent, enthusiastic, erudite revelations about 'Women of Adventure'. Still don't understand how they did what they did wearing what they wore!

Women of Adventure , Matlock Ladies Luncheon Club, 13th November 2014

Thank you for sending the costume down to us. As you can imagine the whole office has already tried on the costume and we’re all happy with what you’ve created! I’m afraid our neck tie skills are sorely lacking though.

18th century physicians outfit, Royal College of Physicians, August 2018

Meridith came to our WI yesterday and entertained us with The Body Beautiful. We loved it, so entertaining had us laughing and sharing memories of what our mothers wore. Well done Mum you make a fabulous double act
Thank you again and hope you got home safely

The Body Beautiful: in search of the ideal woman , Washington Concord WI, 5th June 2019

Meridith Towne, what an fascinating lady and an incredible speaker, I have not enjoyed a speaker as much in such a long time, along with her friendly helper and amazing twists to her tale, I didn’t notice the evening fly by, a total pleasure, thank you.

Romance in the Raj , Mrs Stephanie Landles President of Wolviston Village Women’s Institute, 29th April 2014

Thank you for an excellent presentation which evoked the era so graphically. The atmosphere you were able to recreate will stay with us for some time and generate a nostalgia for a time we didn't even know!

Make Do and Mend , Crimple Valley Quilters, 3rd December 2014

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. We had lots of lovely comments and your natural wit brought everything to life!

Romance in the Raj , Friends of Macclesfield Silk Heritage, The Heritage Centre, Macclesfield, November 2013

We all really enjoyed your talk, knowledge and enthusiasm. I am sure many more of us will be looking out for you when you are in the area.

Confessions of an Edwardian Shop-o-holic , Sunderland Embroiderers Guild, March 2013

Meridith came to speak at our WI last year and she was so good we had her back this year, and we want her next year too.
Funny, engaging, knowledgeable... What more do you want from a speaker? She genuinely brings history to life. Her collection of items covers more than just clothes and you get a real glimpse of what it was like to live in another era. Can't recommend her enough.

Confessions of an Edwardian Shopoholic , Laura Bainbridge-Hattersley, 22nd June 2018

Superb service and unmatched quality. My 15th century archers kit has weathered many months on the archery range and at events without issue. The outfit was made with great care and consideration of my needs.

15th Century Archers Outfit, Richard Jacobs, 2013

Absolutely amazing presentation of Glitz & Glamour at Tyne & Wear South Federation's Annual Meeting at Wrekenton. Fabulous clothes & props with fabulous information

Glitz and Glamour: getting ready for a party! , Judith Thompson, 21st April 2018

"Riveting, informative, humorous but historically fascinating too. Broadened & deepened understanding & influences on female “shape changing” over time. Thank you."

The Body Beautiful , Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry, 16th April 2015

It was excellent and we had lots of great feedback from the audience.

Confessions of an Edwardian Shopoholic , Gateshead Library, April 2013

We enjoyed your presentation immensely, as always, and, as you know, it brought back so many hilarious memories.

Sewing the Sixties! , Susan Howell, 17th June 2019

A friend and I went to Meridith's presentation on the Victorian dressmaker on Sunday at the Potteries Museum. it was excellent!
Packed with very well researched social history. Her artefacts and examples of dresses and under garments made by dresser makers were lovely. If you are interested in fashion, textiles or history you will enjoy one of Meridith's presentations

The Victorian Dressmaker: rags and riches , Heather Swaine, 29th March 2018

I've received the uniformand it looks great, I'm looking forward to trying it on my model.

WWI WRAF uniform, A. DeCombyn, Sculptor, August 2019

Thank you so much for the informative, humorous and splendidly presented 'Make do and mend evening' Cameo members were treated to. Everyone is saying how much they enjoyed the evening.

Make Do and Mend , Cameo Mansfield, 14th April 2016

The talk looks at the fashions over twenty years, both in India and back home, and Meridith brings examples of the costumes that would have been worn which, together with her gifts for humour and story-telling, really bring the talk to life.

Romance in the Raj , Diana Barre, Blog editor for York Embroiderers Guild, 9th October 2014

She gave an informative and engaging talk about Suffragette history which really brought the period to life, at The Harris museum in Preston. I enjoyed it very much.

Hear My Voice! a working woman's fight for the vote , Helen Marsden, 28th October 2018

Fascinating Make Do + Mend talk this evening. She is excellent!

Make Do and Mend , Gateshead Library, June 2013

Thank you for your entertaining and informative talk. You really know your stuff. Lots of wonderful, positive feedback from the audience. A perfect evening as always. Looking forward to the next one.

Confessions of an Edwardian Shopoholic at Christmas , Norton Library, Stockton-on-Tees, 19th November 2014

Thank you for entertaining over 90 of our members of Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association last week. Yourself and your valuable helper did a splendid job of the presentation “ Romance in the Raj “ It was well researched and the visual aids and costumes really brought it life. We will certainly be asking you to come back again in the future.

Romance in the Raj , East Yorkshire Countrywomen's Association, 14th October 2014

Many thanks for 100 Years of Hats, what a brilliant afternoon; I am hunting for an 18 inch hat pin...

100 Years of Hats , South Tyne Libraries, June 2013

A huge thank you for helping to make the evening such a success, we have has some great feedback, all so positive. Can’t wait to have you back next year, we will have to get some more chairs.....there were quite a few who could not fit in!

Romance in the Raj , Archives at Dusk, North Yorkshire County Council, May 2013

So many ladies have commented how much they enjoyed the evening. And "when can she come again"!

Glitz and Glamour: getting ready for a party! , Rowlands Gill WI, 8th March 2016

Wonderful talk at the Harris Museum this afternoon. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. A fascinating and funny talk about women's suffrage and it's associated fashion.

Hear My Voice! a working woman's fight for the vote , Julie Knifton, 28th October 2018

Thank you for the Monks costume. It's really great, and we used it as planned on Easter Saturday- the hottest day of the year so far! Check out pictures on our Facebook page!

Benedictine Monks Robe, Forbury Chapel, April 2019

We are in raptures. Well done and thank you so much. Beautiful and truly Beardsley.

1920s Aubrey Beardsley inspired evening gown, Rose Wallop, June 2012

We had great fun at Whitby earlier in the week training some of the people who will be running the new schools’ session. The hoods and braies are perfect for our purposes – the kids are going to love it and we hope it will be a nice opportunity to embarrass one of their teachers by making them try the pants on!

Benedictine Monks Hoods, Whitby Abbey, English Heritage, March 2019

The talk was fantastic – really enjoyable

Make Do and Mend , Gateshead Library, June 2013

The robes all arrived safely and were out for the incredibly busy bank holiday weekend! Thank you so much – they look wonderful.

Cistercian Monks Robes, Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal, National Trust, May 2019

The 1920’s women’s workhouse uniforms made for the Meeting Point project at the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds are superb. The painstaking research into the design and materials, attention to detail and authenticity was exceptional. They look and feel completely genuine and are museum quality. These are very rare examples of a particular period of history and I will be donating them to the museum on completion of the project.

1920s Workhouse Uniforms, Irene Brown, August 2016

"Excellent, very good. Lovely presentation, really enjoyed it! -> costume talk"

The Body Beautiful , Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry, 16th April 2015

I was really impressed by your professionalism, talent and attention to detail. Problems did arise but you were always there to solve them. Your friendly manner totally put me at ease, throughout the inevitable stresses of impending nuptials. Thank you so much for creating my dream dress. I truly felt like a princess on my big day!

Vintage 1950s style wedding dress, Heather Fretwell, October 2013

A huge thank you for a fantastic talk on Confessions of an Edwardian Shopoholic at Blaydon.

Confessions of an Edwardian Shop-o-holic , Gateshead Library, April 2013

The dress arrived safely this morning - looks superb. Thank you very much for all your work and help.

Regency Dress for exhibition display, Belford Museum, Northumberland, January 2019

Thanks for a fantastic 100 Years of Hats talk last night...I'm now off to learn the art of self-defence with a hat pin!!

100 Years of Hats , Gateshead Library, February 2014

Everyone was delighted with your visuals and all the particular goodies on show.....plus your youth!! It’s SO good to experience enthusiasm like yours!! Keep up the good work....(and the vintage clothes!)

100 Years of Hats , Northern Society of Costume and Textiles, March 2013

I absolutely love the dress, and can’t wait to show it to the public

Tudor dress, Helen Atkinson, April 2012

We have the dress out of its box and on our mannequin and it is fabulous! We are so excited to have it here. Thank you so much for all your research and hard work.

Reconstruction of 1914 suit, The Rochester Bridge Trust, December 2013

The costumes were waiting for me when I arrived at work this morning. We absolutely love them and they look amazing with the aprons we’ve made. The dresses have been so very well received by our visitors and our staff. We even had someone close to tears because the dresses reminded him of his mother from many decades past. They have been a real and true success!

1930's Maids Unifroms, Anglesey Abbey, National Trust, September 2019