Yarmouth Castle, English Heritage

A fascinating project to be involved with as part of a visitor experience project at the castle. The team wanted to highlight the roles of the men who protected the castle and those who owned it. We created a set of interactive costumes for adults and children alike so the whole family could get involved.

There is the gunner in woollen breeches (elastic at the waist and cuffs with magnets at the openings to ease trying on), wool felt hat and a ‘jack-of-plates’ – a unique garment designed as a kind of protective armour. The special stitching is designed to hold small metal plates in, whilst not restricting the movement of the person wearing it. No metal plates where used in this example but the stitching was replicated by hand.

Then you have your aristocrat in a fancy red doublet, matching cape and a high crowned hat and tie on embroidered ruff. The doublet is made with magnets at the front to fasten and the hat has been reinforced at the brim to withstand eager visitors wanting to try it on for the best selfie of their visit!

All with handy cotton tape loops to hang them up in the gallery.