Stonehenge – English Heritage

What do you make when there is so little evidence of what was worn? When Stone Henge approached me to create a set of costumes for visiting schoolgroups to wear I came up with a range of designs based on the archaeological evidence of clothing from the period. However, it soon became clear that these options weren’t going to work in the long term. So, the client decided to change the brief to encompass the Bronze Age history they had on the site as well which opened up the options as there is clear evidence of sewn garments and tunics in this period. Though full tunics were debated, due to the huge variance in the schoool children visiting the site, this tabbard design with a woven belt and t-shaped neck opening was agreed on to make them as flexible as possible. A range of three colours of washed linen and woven belts were used to create the forty tunics required.