Richmond Castle, English Heritage

This was a really fun project full of falcons and bears! The commission was to create a set of interactive costumes and headwear for adults and children to be used in a new exhibition space at Richmond castle, exploring the roles of animals and their keepers in the medieval hey-day of the site.

Ymana, The Keeper of Hawks and Hounds 

Full length sleeveless kirtles in pale blue, white and grey speckled wool, with two sets of cotton ties at the back of the neck and waist for easy wearing, allowing freedom in sizing. The kirtles were accompanied by white linen barbette headdresses with detachable chin straps for easy cleaning. Leather falconry gloves with soft falcon attached, wearing jesses and bells, completed the costumes.

Spernellus, Bear Warden

Orange wool extended hood cloaks were created, shaping given by sewing pleats into place over the shoulders. Accompanied by a capello style black wool felt hat featuring a bound edge covering wire so the brim maintains its shape. In addition to the costume a full bear head hat was created that was worn like a helmet – to add a bit of extra interest to the gallery!