Cavalier and Bustle Gown – Meridith Towne Talks


This ensemble was created at The Northern College of Costume. The outfit is based on a naval uniform of 1625-30 and features a long-line doublet without tabs. Made from blue wool and lined with silk, a gold and blue braid was used for decoration.


Bustle Gown

This outfit was created at The Northern College of Costume. Based on an example from the 1870s, featured in the Kyoto Fashion Collection, it has an oriental influence. The outfit is in three parts (jacket, skirt and bustle) and is worn over combination underwear, a corset, bustle cage and flunced petticoat (all made by Meridith Towne). The jacket is boned and front fastening with hand worked button holes and Japanese knots for buttons. The skirt features a deep pleated flounce with the tops turned down to reveal the contrasting colour.